Thursday, 18 July 2013


This shoot came from a college project in Spring last year. We were given a completely open brief to do whatever ideas we had in our heads. It was refreshing to be given total freedom instead of having to work to a brief decided by my tutors.  

I'd been inspired by the use of paint in other photographs, namely Keith Major's photos on cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model. Although I watched this shoot way back in 2009 (maybe 2010) it always stuck clear in my mind. I loved the bright colours, and the general use of colour in a simple way. I wanted to incorporate this into my own shoot by also using paint on my subjects but in a slightly different way. I didn't want the paint to be the main focus, but I wanted it to add something special to the photos.

For this shoot I asked two of my old friends, Nat and Luke. I knew they'd be perfect for what I had in my mind as they're both very creative so would be on the same wavelength as me. I also knew that they would work well together in front of the camera
The shoot went amazing and to this day I'm still really proud of the photos we got! Here's the final selection.

Models: Natalie Iskander, Luke Richmond
Photography/Styling: Emma Louise White
Date: 17/05/12

 And now for some behind the scenes stuff! Thanks to Jo Drury for the photos!

Me adding the first paint look to Luke.

And the shoot begins!

Touch ups mid way through. The lights dry the paint quickly!

Adding Nat's first look.

Shooting from above! I like things to stand on.

Working together before it got a bit more messy!


  1. I don't normally like black and white photos that much but I looooooooooooooove the black and white ones in this shoot so much!