Thursday, 5 September 2013


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Jasmine Mackman to create some actors head shots for her. We did some traditional studio photos but I wanted to mix things up a bit and take her out on location too, where we got my favourite shots!
Jasmine was a natural in front of the camera and she's gorgeous to boot so my job was pretty easy!

Actress: Jasmine Mackman
Photography: Emma Louise White

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

FLESH by Savanah Avery

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting for designer Savanah Avery. She titled her brief for the garments 'cannabulism' as her focus was to turn the fact that we humans wear leather and fur on it's head, and instead make clothes from human substances. The two main featuring pieces were a jacket made of real human hair and a dress of liquid latex that looks exactly like human skin! Although they sound slightly creepy, they are both amazing pieces of clothing. The whole team was in awe - especially of the dress and it's awesome texture (which translated so well in the photographs!).
For the shoot I had the pleasure of meeting and working with model Anna Brimma and MUA Rachael Tench - two very talented ladies! I love working with models that will just try anything no matter how crazy it may sound! They'll just give it a go. Sometimes it's the crazy things that create the shots. And Rachael's hair and makeup skills really brought the whole look together.
The working conditions were a bit challenging as the studio was very hot even late in the afternoon (due to big windows creating a greenhouse effect) but we put lots of fans on and made the best of it!
I really love working on interesting briefs like this as sometimes you need a bit of substance to really get involved in the work. Plus working with such great people made my job ten times easier and of course very enjoyable!

Model: Anna Brimma
H/MUA: Rachael Tench
Designer: Savanah Avery
Photographer: Emma Louise White

Thursday, 18 July 2013


This shoot came from a college project in Spring last year. We were given a completely open brief to do whatever ideas we had in our heads. It was refreshing to be given total freedom instead of having to work to a brief decided by my tutors.  

I'd been inspired by the use of paint in other photographs, namely Keith Major's photos on cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model. Although I watched this shoot way back in 2009 (maybe 2010) it always stuck clear in my mind. I loved the bright colours, and the general use of colour in a simple way. I wanted to incorporate this into my own shoot by also using paint on my subjects but in a slightly different way. I didn't want the paint to be the main focus, but I wanted it to add something special to the photos.

For this shoot I asked two of my old friends, Nat and Luke. I knew they'd be perfect for what I had in my mind as they're both very creative so would be on the same wavelength as me. I also knew that they would work well together in front of the camera
The shoot went amazing and to this day I'm still really proud of the photos we got! Here's the final selection.

Models: Natalie Iskander, Luke Richmond
Photography/Styling: Emma Louise White
Date: 17/05/12

 And now for some behind the scenes stuff! Thanks to Jo Drury for the photos!

Me adding the first paint look to Luke.

And the shoot begins!

Touch ups mid way through. The lights dry the paint quickly!

Adding Nat's first look.

Shooting from above! I like things to stand on.

Working together before it got a bit more messy!

Friday, 15 March 2013

My Name is Emma White

A wise way to start this blog would probably be with telling you a little bit about myself.

My name is Emma and I'm a freelance fashion and portrait photographer. I started out 4 years ago now doing a simple photography qualification on the side of my art and design studies, which then lead to me studying a full National Diploma in photography. My interest had been sparked long before that but 2009 was when it got a bit more serious.

Since then my interests have changed greatly. At first I took photos of flowers and landscapes but it wasn't long before I was photographing people. This was where I found my passion lied.
During my photography ND I challenged myself to work with more people and to create more conceptual work for myself which really helped me develop as a person. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I have seen the biggest improvement over the last two years of my life. I've started to see things in a different way which has made a massively positive impact on my work.

Through my studies I became interested in film photography and now have a trusty Pentax K1000 for 35mm and a Hasselblad for 6x6. Although I don't think I'll ever completely switch to film, it's something I really love to incorporate into shoots where I can.
The photo of me on the right was taken on a little Lomography camera I have!

Having just finished my studies, this is where the hard part of my journey begins! I'm looking forward to tackling the industry head and and I can't wait to see where things take me!

Here's a few more places that you can follow my work:

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